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Once all of the preparations have been put in place building work will commence. We have put together a simple timeframe below as a general guideline for both loft conversions and property extensions so that you know what to expect throughout the process.




Stage 1

Our team will erect scaffolding and receive the first batch of materials. We create access to your loft through an opening in the roof – our team will not need access to the main interior of your house at this stage.


Stage 2

Our team carries out structural alternations to the roof space, and may need to add steel joists if the structure needs reinforcement.


Stage 3

Loft floor joists are installed, and our team begins to build Dormers separately if we are building a Dormer loft conversion. We complete external roof work at this point, including roofing, leadwork, soffits, and guttering. We also complete the first fix for electrics and plumbing.


Stage 4

Your Dormers are completed at this point, and the loft floor is installed. We also install your roof windows and construct internal walls. Our team will also insulate your walls and install roof ventilation.


Stage 5

The walls of your loft conversion will be plastered at this point, and we will create an access opening for your new staircase. Once the opening is created, our team can install the staircase. This is the first time we will need access to the interior of your home, and we will keep you informed as work progresses so you can plan around this stage.


Stage 6

The new staircase area will be plastered and we will complete the second fix of electrics and plumbing. Our team begins decorating your loft conversion interior at this point, as well as hanging doors, installing skirting, and adding handrails and spindles to your new staircase.


Stage 7

Decoration should be completed at this stage. Our team will thoroughly clean the area and remove all waste before you inspect your new loft conversion. You have the opportunity to let us know if there are any minor changes you’d like to make. We work under a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and will always ensure that you are happy with your loft conversion.


Stage 8

Your preferred changes will be carried out and the loft is ready for your final inspection. This is also when we schedule the building control inspection and provide the certification for your completed loft conversion to be signed off.




There are 6 main phases that make up the kitchen extension process:



Our team begins by clearing space in your garden and digging the foundations. The depth and type of foundation will be determined by the architect, and depend on a number of factors including soil type, adjacent structures, tree drainage, the size of your extension, and ground conditions. The building inspector will need to approve the foundations before we can continue to the next stage.



Once the foundations have dried, we begin the brickwork. The building inspector will need to approve the brickwork as well to approve the damp proofing. The duration of this stage depends on your extension type – if you prefer to use more glazing, you will not require as much brickwork.


Demolition and Structural Reinforcements

Once the brickwork has been built to the highest point (the roof plate), our team will need to knock through to the existing kitchen and remove the former exterior wall. We install steel beams to reinforce you’re the structure, and seal off the back area of the new extension to ensure that your home is secure. We can move some of your kitchen facilities elsewhere in the house, as the kitchen will not be usable at this point.


Roofing and Flooring

Our team builds the roof to weather-proof your new extension. Once your roof has been completed, our team will install the new floor (most likely concrete) and prepare the area for the internal works.


Internal Construction

When the internal work begins, our team will install internal walls, arrange your drainage, install plumbing and heating, and complete the electrical installation. The walls will be skimmed and the outside of the kitchen extension will be completed.


Kitchen Installation

Once the interior is ready, the kitchen will be installed, including skirting, doors, and floor finishes. Once this has been completed your new kitchen will be ready to use.



Enjoy a glass of champagne or drink of choice with our team.

Alexa Young, Nottingham

I recently had a loft conversion done by Gibbons & Co Construction and I am absolutely thrilled with the results.

The team was incredibly professional and attentive to every detail.

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